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dear son,
my life isnt the easiest and my life wasnt the best. i hope that life is good for you. i hope that you work hard for everything that you want and desire in life. be a good boy to anyone who you comes in contact with and show respect. i wish the best for you in life and i want your dreams to come true. i may not be the best mother in the world or have alot but i have a heart big enough for the both of us. i never thought i couldĀ  love anyone or loved all the wrong people , i had a hard time finding love within myself. everyday i am gonna find all the love i can for you somewhere in my broken heart. i may be young and have sacrificed alot to have you here but i know someday it will be worth it. i look forward to all the days i have left with you. i may get fustrated at time and may want to quit, but looking in your eyes i can see that you need me and that you love me. i thank god for you you are a blessing

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Posted on 06:00PM on Nov 16th, 2012
That was special. It would be good if you got suport from the what ever he is, the guy may not have the tools to teach morals but kids should have a guy that loves them, suport them and protects them. There's some times and activities that moms just can't do. And for you i really would like to see you lose the broken heart. The guy i guess will be showing up for the what 14 or 16 years that don't mean have to invite him in or even be friendly. He's not bringing anything for your bennifit. You gotta know (and i say this with sincerity) there are so many guys out there that would love you and treat you with respect, but you will never find him if you pick em using the formula as the one that attracted you to that other guy.
Posted on 06:26PM on Nov 16th, 2012
thank you so much, i really apreciate what you said. i hope to find someone who is a good role model for my child wether it a a husband, friend, coach, mentor or a family member. i would love to find a special person who could really love me ans my son.
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