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as you know from the title i am a single mother. today is friday and right now many ppl around my age 18-25 specifically woman  are getting ready to go hang out with some friends, go to a club, a bar, or on a date. right now i am home with my child staying in probably watching some cartoons and catching a flic. i used to be mad at this in the begining but now that i have matured i am now seeing that going to parties amd drinking doesnt do anything to fulfil my life. being with my child is wayyy greater than rubbing against a man on a dance floor to some provocative music. i made that choice to be a mother so i signed my life to my son.  its far much more better than signing my life over to the fast life :)


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Posted on 05:20PM on Oct 27th, 2013
I like this.
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