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today is thanksgiving, i stopped celebrating it, which makes this 1 year...but thats beside the point. today while everyone is feeling in the spirits of being thankful and so gracious for they have i am at home alone and i have nothing to be thankful for and i have nothign to be happy about. i decided to stay home and watch the marathons and be by myself. i let my mom and siblings go out to visit relatives and i told her that she can go by herself. i havent called none of  my relatives to wish them well, simply because none of us speak anytime of the year except christmas and this day of course. so to me its all a fake. but anyways, i have had the most horrific 4 years of my life and i really dont fine that any day is very enjoyable. i am just seeking peace right now in my life and trying to come to terms with my life which sucks i dont know if im being selfish or if im doing the right thing...

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